Ex 1,2,3 p28

Ex1 p.28

1.Have you been to Oslo?

2.Do you like jazz?

3.Where did you go on holiday last year?

4.Where are you going to go on holiday this year?

5.Where are you living at the moment?

6.Do you see the Pyramids?

7.What are you do for a live?

EX2 p.28

1. I look like my aunt.

2.My dad look like young for his age.

3.I like English

4.I look like famous a person.

5.I look like a student.

6.My mom look friendly.

EX3 p.28

Di:Rome is so lovely city isn’t it?

Jo:I don’t like it.Its very hot for me.

Di:The weathers perfect. It’s really very nice.

Jo:But the street are such a crowded.

Di:Yes, but it’s so wonderful expensive.

Jo: Well, Im not enjoying it. Its too noisy.

Di: Jo, dont be so boring. We’re in a very beautiful place. Come on, smile.

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